Personalized Web3 Onboarding Protocol

Plurality transforms user interactions by providing a cutting-edge Account Personalization Stack, empowering dApps to seamlessly onboard users along with their personas and preferences.

Elevate engagement, boost retention, and create lasting connections as you harness the power of open social context.


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Easy. Personalized. Hassle-free.

Web3 Login for Your Users

Password secure login icon

seed-phraseless login

The wallet is created using social account without any need to store seed phrases

Recharging. Energy recovery

social recovery

User lost their keys? No problem! They can recover wallet using their social logins

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Know your user

Get contextual information about who has landed on your website

Data Science

personalize workflows

Delight your customers by showing them what they want to see

More than just a login

Increase retention by personalizing experience for your customers

Plurality gives dApps access to the wealth of user data scattered across the internet. Using this data, dApps can:

  • Access a specific aspect of the user’s personality
  • Use this aspect to create relevant user experiences
  • Give recommendations, show suggestions, cater to their preferences, etc.

To see what’s possible, see the use cases.

Usecases →

Add the Plurality widget to your dApp in just 5 minutes

With a few lines of code, your dApp can provide users with:

  • Easy, seed phrase-less login
  • Personalized Experience
  • Social Recovery
  • Choice of when and how their data is used
  • Chance to be part of Plurality’s data economy

Dive into the code samples to see how it works.

Code Samples →

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Do I need to store user data?

No, you do not need to. The login event will allow you to access user data, which you can use transiently. There is no need to collect user data or store it. The user owns the data and brings it with them on each interaction.

Where are the wallet keys stored?

The user has custody over the wallet. Plurality uses Multi-Party Compute standards that allows for easy social login while keeping the user fully in control of their wallet

What do I need to pay?

We will always have a freemium version to enable you to test out the platform. For enterprise use, Please book a demo to discuss.

Plurality is opening up the walled data gardens and creating an open contextual layer for users. Be at the forefront of this revolution.

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